The Florida Gold Buyers® of Port St. Lucie specializing in buying Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Watches, Diamonds, Bullion, and much more. Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability are all benefits you will enjoy when dealing with the Florida Gold Buyers®. If you live on or are simply visiting the Treasure Coast; including, Port Saint Lucie, Stuart, Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, Palm City, Jupiter, Hobe Sound, Sebastian or Okeechobee then you are just a stones throw from our location which is located at 2012 S. E. Port Saint Lucie Blvd., Port St. Lucie, Fl. It's on the corner of US Hwy. 1 and Port Saint Lucie Blvd.
The Florida Gold Buyers® reputation is impeccable, with over 100,000 people served throughout Florida and well over 50,000 people served on the Treasure Coast. Despite helping over 100,000 customers throughout Florida the Florida Gold Buyers® have maintained a perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau. Honesty, Integrity and Reliability is our motto and we live up to it. Few other buyers on the Treasure Coast have helped as many customers as us, and few other buyers have maintained a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau like the Florida Gold Buyers®.
The Florida Gold Buyers® are also business members of the Florida Sheriffs Association. We support our local law enforcement agencies and have on occasion worked with local authorities to help solve crimes in our community. Honesty, Integrity and Reliability is assured when you visit our store, we proudly display the Sheriffs Association logo on our front door.
The Florida Gold Buyers® also do business with various Gemological and Numismatic organizations, such as;
GIA (Gemological Institute of America.)
EGL (European Gemological Laboratories.)
NGC (Numismatic Guarenty Corporation.)
PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Services.)
And many more.
The Florida Gold Buyers® have private offices in a secure environment to handle your transactions. Safety and Security is assured when you come into our state of the art facility. The Florida Gold Buyers® also have seasoned, trained professionals to help. All of our buyers have years of experience in the Jewelry and Coin industry, so you know you have an expert helping you at the Florida Gold Buyers®.
The Florida Gold Buyers® can also buy any quantity. So if you have a lot of Gold, Silver or Coins or just a little bit, feel free to stop in for a free, complementary quote on your collectibles. The Florida Gold Buyers® also will buy Estates ( including Jewelry, Coins, Gold, Silver, Sterling, Watche and Diamonds).
Great news for Florida Gold Buyers® also now sell, Gold and Silver Bullion and Rare Coins to the public. Stop by if you're investing in Gold or Silver, or if you're a Coin Collector.
The Florida Gold Buyers® encourage you to compare our prices to Pawn Shops, Jewelry Stores, and "We Buy Gold" stores. Located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, We are easy to get to from anywhere on the Treasure Coast.
The Florida Gold Buyers® by all sorts of items like Gold Jewelry, Scrap Gold, Engagement Rings, Sterling Silver, Coins, Bullion, Watches, Diamonds, Class Rings, Silver Jewelry,10 Karat Gold, 14 Karat Gold, 18 Karat Gold, and 22 Karat Gold, and much, much, more.
The Florida Gold Buyers® also sell Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Gold Bullion, Silver Bullion, Rare Coins, and all Numismatic items like Coin Supplies and Books. Prices are fair and we encourage you to compare our prices to other stores in the area. The Florida Gold Buyers® have a large selection to choose from as well.
The Florida Gold Buyers® have private offices to conduct a safe and secure transaction. Just visit our store and a trained professional will sit down with you and give you a free verbal appraisal on your collectibles; without onlookers watching over your shoulder or watching you. Privacy and confidentiality is assured.
Our experienced staff have over 50 years of combined experience in the Jewelry, Coins, and Appraisal Industry. Don't go to a Pawn Shop or "We Buy Gold" store and have some untrained clerk offer you pennies on the dollar for your valuables. Visit our store and Port Saint Lucie and an expert Estate Buyer will properly evaluate your items and pay you fairly for them. No games or tricks like some of the local gold buyers try to get away with; just honest, fair prices is what the Florida Gold Buyers® is all about.
The Florida Gold Buyers® specialize in buying Coins, Rare Coins, Certified Coins, Coin Collections, entire Estates, Silver Coins and Gold Coins. Don't let other companies that advertise that they buy Coins rip you off and only pay you a fraction of your Gold and Silver Coins worth. Most places you go to will never tell you "you have special coins" because they only want to buy them cheap. The Florida Gold Buyers® will pay you what your Coins are worth and even publish a guide to help you determine your true Coins values.
The Florida Gold Buyers® want you to know what your items are worth and want to help you keep from getting ripped off by fly-by-night "We Buy Gold" stores and Pawn Shop. We have a page on our website which helps you learn about selling Gold, Silver, Coins, and Jewelry.
The Florida Gold Buyers® always pay fair prices due to several reasons. First of all our mentality is to make a little bit of profit on thousands of deals, versus other companies strategy of making a huge profit on a few deals. Our trained associates can properly evaluate your items and pay you fairly for them based on over 50 years of experience, unlike the untrained clerks at a lot of stores who just try to buy everything dirt cheap based on their minimal experience. Our company also sells directly to some of the largest Diamond Distributors, Refiners, Coin Houses, Estate Buyers, and Specialty Stores in the country. In addition to the above, our philosophy is simply treat everyone with respect, pay them fairly, and they will not only come back, but will refer their friends and family to the Florida Gold Buyers®.
The Florida Gold Buyers® are located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida at 2012 S.E. Port Saint Lucie Blvd. which is the large white building at the corner of US Hwy. 1 and S.E. Port Saint Lucie Blvd. with the large American flag flying above our building.
Our customers time and time again and tell us how nice we treat people, how polite we are and how we pay fairer prices than many Jewelry Stores, Pawn Shops and 'We Buy Gold' stores. Here are some of the comments our customers have made.
1). Amiee - Port Saint Lucie
I went to a local Jeweler who offered me $425 for my gold chain, the Florida Gold Buyers® payed me $875 for the same item. Thank you Florida Gold Buyers®.
2). Stan - Vero Beach
I inherited my father's Coin Collection and a Vero Beach Coin Dealer offered to pay me $ 6,000 for it, but wanted me to hold the check. and wait to cash it. The Florida Gold Buyers® not only could buy the entire collection, but they paid me $7,500 for it.
3). Margaret - Port Saint Lucie
I took my old jewelry to a few 'We Buy Gold' stores and Pawn Shops and was treated like dirt. When I came to the Florida Gold Buyers® they were very nice and polite and offered me much more than those other places.
4). Janet - Stuart
The Florida Gold Buyers® payed me $1,000 for my Sterling Silver Flatware and they took the time to explain how the items were being priced. The man was very nice and they paid me way more than I expected. I definitely would recommend the Florida Gold Buyers®.
5). Michelle - Jenson Beach
I was in a financial bind and took my engagement ring to a local Jeweler who only wanted to buy my gold and told me my diamond was no good; but when I went to the Florida Gold Buyers®, they not only paid me more for the gold, but they paid me a fair price for my diamond as well.
6). Mark - Port Saint Lucie
I went all over town getting prices on my Silver Dollars and my wife's Gold Jewelry. The Florida Gold Buyers® beat them all and even paid me over $100 for a Coin that others tried to for $20. "Wow" the Florida Gold Buyers® are the best!
7). Mary - Fort Pierce
My mom referred me to the Florida Gold Buyers®, because they paid more than others did. They were polite and nice to her, so I went in to sell my Gold and Sterling Jewelry. I was treated with respect and my transaction was handled in private offices away from others, but the best part was they gave me over $2,700 for my items.
8). Johnny - Port Saint Lucie
I took my Gold Chain and old Watch to several places to get prices, but the Florida Gold Buyers® offered me much more. I will never go to a Pawn Shop again. Thanks Florida Gold Buyers®.
9). Jill - Hobe Sound
Honesty, Integrity and Reliability is the Florida Gold Buyers® motto, and they live up to it. Thanks for being so nice to me and paying me more for my Gold Jewelry than other stores had offered me for it.