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How to sell Gold, Silver, Coins, and Jewelry is easy; simply come to the Florida Gold Buyers® location in Port Saint Lucie for a Free Verbal Appraisal of your items. The Florida Gold Buyers® always pay fair prices versas local Jewelry Stores, Pawn Shops, and "We Buy Gold" Stores.
When selling Gold, Silver, Coins, or Jewelry it is critical to know you are dealing with a reputable business. The Florida Gold Buyers® are business members of the Florida Sheriffs Association and are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. No other buyer on the Treasure Coast can say the same.
The Florida Gold Buyers® staff has over 50 years combined experience in the Jewelry and Coin business and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of this business, unfortunately a lot of our competitors hire people off the street with no experience, and put them in here today gone tomorrow, pop- up"We Buy Gold" Stores in order to buy your items cheap. If you see a sign in front of a store saying "We Buy Gold" it's a good indication it's one of these type stores and you should avoid it.
It is easy to identify the type of stores to avoid when selling Gold, Silver, Coins, and Jewelry. If the business has sign wavers jumping up and down outside their front door it is a clear signal that they are not the Florida Gold Buyers®.
The Florida Gold Buyers® have stood above the rest on the Treasure Coast for years. We don't play games or try to trick people like many other companies on the Treasure Coast. The Florida Gold Buyers® always pay fair prices for your Gold, Silver, Coins and Jewelry.
The Florida Gold Buyers® always properly separate and assey your items and pay properly for their Gold or Silver content. All transactions are done directly in front of the customer and items are never taken out of your sight.
The Florida Gold Buyers® do advertise regularly in various medias, but mostly in the Scripps Newspapers. You will never see, gimmicky coupons in our ads trying to entice you into our store. We proudly advertise the Better Business Bureau logo on all our ads.
You can always count on friendly, courteous service at the Florida Gold Buyers®, and you will never be treated disrespectfully at our safe, secure location. There is never any pressure to sell and we are more than happy to give you a Free Verbal Appraisal on your items.
The Florida Gold Buyers® will always give you a fair price up front and will never play games with you regarding prices. Just come in and see for yourself why over one quarter of a million Florida Residents have chosen the Florida Gold Buyers® as their favorite place to do business.
Our Scales that we use have all been certified by the Florida Department of Agriculture and are in the open so you can see the weight of your items as we process them.
As business members of the Florida Sheriffs Association your security and safety is assured in our state-of-the-art private offices. There is never any shady characters looking over your shoulder like some Pawn Shops and some "We Buy Gold" stores. Safety and security is assured at the Florida Gold Buyers®.
If you're looking for our store, we are easy to find at the corner of US.1 and S.E. Port Saint Lucie Blvd. but don't be confused by the "We Buy Gold" store across the street ..... that's not us. We are the white building with the large American flag over it, we are not the "We Buy Gold" store with the guys waving signs on the corner. Don't get fooled by signwavers.
HONESTY, INTEGRITY, and RELIABILITY is the motto for the Florida Gold Buyers® and we live up to it everyday.